2018 PEPRA compensation limits

The 2018 PEPRA compensation limits are $121,388 for Social Security members and $145,666 for non-Social Security members.

These limits are the maximum pay that a California public agency can recognize in a defined benefit plan for PEPRA members, i.e. those first hired by a public employer in 2013 or later.  “Classic” members hired from 1996 through 2012 are subject to the higher §401(a)(17) pay limit that applies to private sector employees.

Each year, the California Actuarial Advisory Panel (CAAP) publishes an “unofficial” calculation of the PEPRA compensation limit.  The 2018 limits are published on the State Controller’s Office website at Agenda Item #4 – Draft CAAP 2018 PEPRA Limit Letter November 21, 2017.

CalPERS usually publishes the limits in late February or early March.  The 2017 PERS notice is at https://www.calpers.ca.gov/docs/circular-letters/2017/200-010-17.pdf.  Update 1/16/2018: the 2018 PERS notice is at https://www.calpers.ca.gov/page/employers/policies-and-procedures/circular-letters.  Search for letter #200-001-18.

We’ve confirmed all of the PEPRA calculations in the CalPERS and CAAP letters.  Here is a complete set of the PEPRA compensation limits through 2018:

PEPRA Compensation Limit
Year Social Security Members Non Social Security Members
2013 113,700        136,440
2014 115,064        138,077
2015 117,020        140,424
2016 117,020        140,424
2017 118,775        142,530
2018 121,388        145,666